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Mountain Highlight Dalsnibba/Skywalk Bus

Duration: 2hrs 15min. Join us on one of the most beautiful and spectacular bus tours in Norway! On a serpentine road it goes to the top of Mount Dalsnibba, 1500 meters above sea level. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama view on the mountain landscape with its famous Geirangerfjord from the new viewing platform "Geiranger Skywalk".

On the way to Mount Dalsnibba the bus stops at the viewpoint Flydalsjuvet, one of the most popular photo motifs of Norway.

  • Duration: 2 hrs 15 mins, 2 photo stops included
  • Daily departure 11:45 from the 24th June - 30th august 2024
  • Bus route: Geiranger – Flydalsjuvet (15 mins) – driving past Knuten, evidence of early road building skills – driving past lake Djupvatnet – Dalsnibba/Skywalk (15 mins) – Geiranger
  • In case the road up to Mount Dalsnibba is closed due to bad weather, the bus stops alternatively at lake Djupvatnet and the viewpoint Eagle Bend.
  • Prices 2024: adults 430 NOK, children (0–15 y/o) 300 NOK For children less  22 kg + 125 cm please bring your own child seat.
  • Information: no guide or audio guide 
  • Meeting point: bus stop in the center of Geiranger
  • Facilities: toilets (Flydalsjuvet and Dalsnibba), souvenir shop (Dalsnibba)
  • Maximum number of passengers: 48 per bus
  • Tickets: availbale at the ticket counter in the tourist information in Geiranger and online on this website


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A trip to the top of Mount Dalsnibba is considered as a mandatory programme item for a visitor of Geiranger. The route Geiranger – Dalsnibba is a section of the "Golden Route", one of the National Tourist Routes of Norway. This section goes from the center of Geiranger in 21 kilometers to the peak of Mount Dalsnibba – 1500 meters above sea level.


Bus route

Starting in the center of Geiranger the bus goes up the road Geirangervegen to the well-known viewpoint Flydalsjuvet, where you have the first photostop. Back to the bus the tour continues by driving past Knuten ("The Knot") – famous for being Norway’s first ascending loop road. The bus drives further up into the mountains, offering spectacular views to the fjord and the surrounding mountain landscape. Before reaching the peak of Mount Dalsnibba you pass lake Djupvatnet, which is covered with ice over a long period of the year. The last 5 kilometers before reaching the mountain peak are on a private serpentine road, with a tollbooth at the Djupvasshytta turn-off. Enjoy during the second photostop the unique panorama of the fjord landscape on the new viewing platform "Geiranger Skywalk", from 1500 meters hight.



  • Flydalsjuvet: The famous view back to the UNESCO World Heritage site Geirangerfjord from the top of this 80 meters deep canyon must surely be one of Norway’s most photographed vistas! Surrounded by the mountain landscape you have a great view not only to the fjord but as well to the contemplative village Geiranger. For cruise ship travellers Flydalsjuvet provides the perfect backdrop to take a memorable picture of the ship.
  • Dalsnibba: An easily accessible high-mountain experience! It is one of the highest peaks you can reach by car or bus in Norway and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the Geirangerfjord in the distance. Varied flora and fauna, ice-blue lakes, fascinating geology, glaciers and the incredible peak itself await you. Almost the whole year round you can find snow up there – only July and August are usually snow-free. That makes a trip to Mount Dalsnibba to a journey through the seasons. After the road to the peak opens in May or beginning of June visitors can admire several meters high snow walls when going up. They result from removing the snow to start the busy summer season. The road is closed again usually from October. Mt. Dalsnibba’s new viewing platform Geiranger Skywalk was officially opened in August 2016. Thanks to its ingenious floor surface and glass guard rail offering unimpeded views, Geiranger Skywalk gives you a sensation of floating – though of course you are perfectly safe! With a clear drop of approx. 500 m beneath your feet, you can enjoy magnificent views of Geiranger and the fjord below, as well as across to the mountains and Blåbreen glacier.


The tour with the Highlight Dalsnibba/Skywalk Bus takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes. A guide provides you on the way with interesting facts and stories about life at the Geirangerfjord.


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