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General terms and conditions for package tours
The terms and conditions regulate the relationship between the tour operator and the customer. The tour operator is VIsitGeiranger AS.

Bookings and payments
Terms and conditions for bookings, payment of deposit and final payment are agreed with the operator. All bookings are binding. In the case of online purchases, the booking is binding once the tour has been confirmed and paid for.

Cancellation of online bookings by individual customers
In accordance with our terms and conditions, online tickets booked by individual customers are not refundable. The online booking is binding once the tour has been confirmed and paid for.

Cancellation Protection - 50 NOK per ticket
Insure your ticket against unexpected events for 50 Nok per booking – it's a little peace of mind when you need it most.
How Cancellation Protection works:
If you've purchased Cancellation Protection, you'll get a full ticket refund if you're unable to travel, until 5 days before departure, without the need for a reason.
Cancellation Protection can only be ordered online when you book your ticket and can't be added to an existing booking.
Cancellation Protection covers all passengers listed in the booking.
You must cancel your ticket (up to 5 days before scheduled departure).

To request a refund you need to:
- send us a email to latest 3 days before departure. In this email please write your 6 digit reference number and include the ticket in the email. Soon vi recieved this document vi will cancel the booking and refund you the money back to your bank account attached to your credit card. This will take 4-5 working days.
- you can not cancel on the telefon.
- you can only cancel the whole ticket not person in the bookings
- vi can not refund the 50 NOK you paid for the cancellation protection. 

Scope of the booking
The booking covers the services agreed between the operator and the customer. These services are described individually for each tour. In assessing what has been agreed, account should be taken of the travel document issued, with importance being attached to the promises made in the tour operator’s brochures, advertisements and other marketing material, and what the customer can expect in relation to the specified material. If the booking should deviate from the programme or include additional services, this must be confirmed in writing.

Information for customers
The tour operator is obliged to make the customer aware of the rights and obligations that exist between the tour operator and the customer. This is done by means of the present terms and conditions, with which customers must familiarise themselves. In particular, the tour operator must make customers aware that they are responsible for ensuring that they have the travel documents required and the necessary insurance. In particular, customers from countries other than Norway must be aware that they may be subject to different rules from those applicable to Norwegian customers, and must make sure that they investigate the regulations applicable to the tour in which they are participating. The tour operator must make clear that it has the right to change the prices in certain cases; see the section on changes to prices, services, etc.
Tours All tours are offered on the condition that places are available in the period requested. Check availability and book now!

Special terms and conditions for group and company tours Geirangerfjord
Sightseeing’s staff will look after passengers to the best of their ability. As well as the driver, a tour guide accompanies every trip and will look after guests and attend to their needs. Your guide during the trip is a representative of Geiranger Fjordservice AS.

Cancellation of group and company tours
In the case of cancellation within three days of departure, or if a customer does not turn up for the departure or lacks the required papers to participate in the tour, the operator may charge the full price of the tour.

Changes to prices, services, etc.
The operator reserves the right to change prices because of new or increased taxes and charges, changes in exchange rates, or equivalent circumstances over which the operator has no control or could not have foreseen. Prices will not be changed within 30 days of departure.

The customer’s obligations
The customer must pay the agreed amount by the date specified in the operator’s terms and conditions. The customer must not behave in such a way as to be a nuisance to fellow travellers. A person booking a tour for someone else must ensure that that person can manage on their own. Our employees are not in a position to provide special assistance to passengers who cannot manage on their own. Passengers must be essentially self-sufficient or travel with a companion. If there is gross negligence of the specified obligations on the part of the customer, he/she may be turned away or excluded from the remainder of the tour, without any entitlement to a refund from the operator. The customer may be liable to pay compensation if he/she deliberately or as a result of negligence inflicts a loss on the operator, including by failing to comply with the provisions set out above. The customer must ensure that he/she has the necessary papers for the tour (travel documents etc.). The customer is personally liable for any loss of personal belongings (and should take out travel insurance to cover this).

The operator’s right to cancel the tour The operator may cancel a tour for the following reasons:

  • If the number of bookings is not sufficient to operate the tour. 
  • In the event of circumstances over which it has no control and which could not be foreseen at the time the booking was taken, such as war or state of war, natural disaster, epidemic, industrial disputes and similar circumstances (force majeure) that make it difficult or inadvisable to operate the tour.
  • The operator shall notify the customer of the cancellation as soon as possible. If a tour is cancelled, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the price of the tour (if prepaid). The customer cannot claim any compensation over and above this, unless he/she has incurred a loss as a result of the operator’s own error or oversight.

Complaints/time limit for complaints
Complaints in connection with services provided must be made immediately to the tour operator’s local representative, otherwise the customer forfeits the right to complain. In addition, other complaints must be made within 15 days of returning home, unless there are special reasons for extending the time limit.

All rights reserved
VISIT GEIRANGER AS reserves the right to change prices, and cannot be held responsible for misprints in text, images and links on our web pages. We reserve the right to make changes that may arise after completion of the material and schedules. We also reserve the right to make changes to prices and terms and conditions. 

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