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Come and experience the stunning views of the traditional norwegian goat farm Yste Kilsti. It is just a short 30 minutes drive from Geiranger, which gives you plenty of time to explore! Join us on one of these unique tours and share in the daily life of Jannicke and her family, as they operate this small traditional family business.

The Farm itself is perched on top of the cliff above the Storfjord and offers incredible views. The goat grazing area is situated around the beautiful and tranquil setting of Lake Kilstivatnet. Of course you have to meet the cute goats!

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Breakfast with the Goats

Be a norwegian goat farmer for a morning. Meet up with the family and their goats straight after milking and help leading the goats up to the summer farm grazing area. This is a gentle 2 kilometers walk through a mix of open pastures and birch trees...

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Lunch walk with the goats

Enjoy lunch in the traditional setting of a small, family operated goat farm. Meet up and be shown around this working farm before a gentle 2 kilometers walk to the mountain lake Kilstivatnet. This is the summer grazing area where the goats spend mos...

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