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Kayak Rental

Duration: 1 - 6 hours. Kayak Rental. Are you an experienced kayaker? Would you like to explore the fjord on your own? Then feel free to come to our Kayak Center at Homlong. We are open 9:00-17:00, from end of May until late September. You can choose from single and double kayaks. Our friendly rental staff will give you all the gear (life jacket, spray skirt, paddle) and the information with a map of the area. If you are planning to be out there for more than 3 hours, think about your time of arrival. The Kayak Center is closes at 17:00 (autumn 15:00)

We don’t accept online bookings for kayak rental, only for guided tours. We have many single and double kayaks and they are available on a first come first seved basis.

Duration Double Kayak  Single kayak 
1 hour 610 NOK 410 NOK
1 – 3 hour 950 NOK 610 NOK
3 – 6 hour 1400 NOK 840 NOK

Please Note: each child (8-15 years) must be accompanied by an adult of 18 years or older. This accompanying adult must be prepared to do all the paddling in a double kayak as it is often that the child will have little or no effective paddling effect.

Meeting point: Geiranger Kayak center at Homlong.

Each individual cannot be more than 100kg, or have hips wider than 40cm, or be taller than 200cm. Anyone who cannot sit upright on the floor with their legs straight out in front of them (flexibility) will likely find this uncomfortable.
Please don’t wear Jeans as they are heavy and cold when wet.

Experience the geiranger fjord from a Kayak. It is a unique way to take in the fjord from a close perspective! Our Geiranger Kayak Centre is situated 2km around the bay at Homlong. It is an easy drive along a gravel road or a 30 min walk along the Fjord. Homlong is a safe starting place for our guided tours and offers easy parking for free.

Stranda Port Authority Safety Map - Rockfall Zones

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What to bring


Kayaking within this designated world heritage area is unbeatable - but often encounters a variety of weather. Therefore we advice you to dress in layers and bring along the following things to make sure you are suitably equipped for your trip:

  • Comfortable outdoor clothing, including rain jacket
  • Soft shoes or sandals (they might get wet)
  • Change of clothes and an extra pair of shoes
  • Warm socks
  • Plastic bag for wet gear
  • Sun cream, sun hat and sun glasses
  • An adequate amount of drinking water
  • Camera (at best disposable or waterproof)