Welcome to our guided Kayak tours in the beautiful UNESCO Geirangerfjord.

Our kayak base – is situated 2 kilometers outside Geiranger at Homlong. MAP click here  It is an easy drive along a gravel road or a 25 min walk along the Fjord. Homlong is a safe starting place for our guided tours and offers free easy parking. You are welcome to meet up 15 min before the tour start. Tips: please use the public toilets in the center of Geiranger just beside the joker supermarket. Here you also can by refreshments for your trip. (there are simple toilets at the kayak base) if any problem Tel: +47 70263007

  • If you want to borrow bikes for free count 15 min biking time. Please book the free bikes for pick up in our ticketoffice via email prior arrival. booking@geirangerfjord.no