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Cycling made easy! Cycling made Fun!! Bike like a Viking = strong with a smile!

Would you like to bicycle around Geiranger in comfort? Tackle the up hills to get the stunning views while staying relaxed? Are you looking for:

  • fun and great photo opportunities

  • Hill climbing made easy

  • Exercise without exhaustion!

  • Cycling without Lycra...

  • Best quality European Bikes

  • Cycling with a Smile!

Geiranger renowned breathtaking scenery provides the perfect backdrop for some off the most outstanding biking to be had in Norway.
We offer bike hire of top quality electric bikes and a few classics bikes too.

If you bike to Mt Dalsnibba on full power, the battery will likely be close to empty or run out. There are two alternatives. Use a lower ‘assist’ level on the bikes settings which means you will have to pedal a little harder yourself whilst using the gears, or you could book a second battery via email.


    e bike
up to 2 hours   NOK 270
up to 4 hours   NOK 410

* helmet is inclusiv when you rent a bike

* minimum age 14 year


Viktig: Vegane i Geiranger er smale og har mange svingar. Det er til tider stor trafikk. Ver forsiktig, og vis omsyn til annan trafikk og omgivnadene!
Kontor for utleige: Billettkontor hos Geiranger turistinformasjon ved kaien i Geiranger.      

The roads around Geiranger are often narrow with many sharp bends and hairpins. Vehicle traffic can be heavy at times. Be aware of other road users and take care.

You can hire bikes at our ticket office at Geiranger Tourist information office. Map 

Book directly with us online here.