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Kajakk utleige

Are you an experienced kayaker? Would you like to explore the fjord on your own? Then feel free to come to our Kayak Center in Homlong, Geiranger. We are open 9:00-17:00, from end of May until middle September. Once you make it to the Kayak Center, you can choose from single and double kayaks. Our freindly rental staff will give you all the gear (life jacket, spray skirt, paddle) and the information with a map of the area. If you are planning to be out there for more than 3 hours, think about your time of arrival. The Kayak Center is closed after 17:00

We don’t accept online bookings for kayak rental, only for guided tours. We have many single and double kayaks so there is no need to book them it in advance. It hardly ever happens that we run out of kayaks. Nevertheless, the best way how to secure your kayak during the high season (July, August) is to come early in the morning.

Double  Kayak 2020


Price NOK per kayak

Incl. VAT

1 hour

480 NOK

1 – 3 hour

815 NOK

3 – 5 hour

1 190 NOK


Single Kayak


Price NOK per kayak Incl. VAT

1 hour

360 NOK

1 – 3 hour

500 NOK

3 – 5 hour

625 NOK


Søk reise

What to bring kayaking

What to bring: Kayaking within this designated world heritage area is unbeatable - but often encounters a variety of weather.

Here’s a list of things you need to bring along with you to make sure you’re suitably equipped for your trip:

  • comfortable outdoor clothing in layers so you can take layers off, no jeans please. 
  • Plastic bag for wet gear
  • Soft shoes or sandals (note they will maybe get wet)
  • Warm socks
  • Towel Sunblock / Sun hat / Sun glasses 
  • Camera (disposable or waterproof)
  • Water bottle
  • Change of clothes, socks,
  • footwear and rain jacket for wearing after kayaking or when doing the kayak and hike

What we provide:

  • Life jacket (buoyancy vest)
  • Map
  • Double kayaks / paddles
  • Group safety and emergency gear

What to wear when kayaking:

  • Please wear your sporty, comfortable clothes or kayaking underwear layer beneath warm clothes/waterproof jacket on pick-up (makes changing into paddling gear easier and quicker).
  • The best way to carry your other gear to the launch point is in a backpack.

Safety & Risk

Sea kayaking has inherent risks and can be dangerous. In the Geirangerfjord, they are characterised by: remoteness, changing weather and water conditions, cold water and limited kayaking landing sites.Detailed risk management and strict safety procedures are observed. However changing conditions can mean that tours have to be modified. No two tours are the same. It is very rare but weather could delay your scheduled return by up to 30min e.g. Clients on guided tours must listen carefully to and follow guides' instructions and adhere to safety requirements. Our reputation depends on your safety – we give it top priority and take it seriously.