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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ:


Tickets are available online and in the Ticket Office by the pier in Geiranger.

The sightseeing cruises depart several times a day during the summer. We recommend pre booking, particularly during high season from June to August, since some of the departures tend to sell out. On our website you can check seat availability and book online.

When making reservations online different types of credit cards are accepted. In the Ticket Office in Geiranger you can pay by credit card, debit card and cash. The national currency in Norway is Norwegian Krone (NOK). We accept as well Euro, US-Dollar, Pound, Danish Krone and Swedish Krone.

A booking confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address after booking. The confirmation contains a pdf document with a QR-code, which is your ticket. When arriving in Geiranger, please proceed straight to boarding with your ticket available - printed or on your smartphone.
Note: In case of using your smartphone we recommend saving the ticket as a pdf or picture - to have it available even without internet access. Groups with more than 6 persons: Every person needs an own ticket. The single tickets you find on the following pages of the pdf document.

There is no family ticket but we offer a cheaper rate for children.

Babies and children under 4 years can join our tours for free. For children up to 15 years of age we offer reduced rates.

Yes. For groups over 15 people we offer a 10% discount. The reservation must be made well in advance before departure to ensure availability. For further information please contact our booking service at

No discount is offered for seniors and students.

In accordance with our terms and conditions, no refunds are given. The booking is binding once the tour has been confirmed and paid for. We recommend taking out a travel insurance policy that includes cancellation cover. In the event of cancellation , for example due to illness, you should then contact your insurance company, which will pay the refund where applicable.

Note for cruise ship passengers: We will refund the tickets in the unlikely case that your cruise ship does not arrive in Geiranger unscheduled. We are as well flexible about changing dates or departure times if you arrive late or depart early, provided you contact us beforehand and there are spaces free on other tours or departures.

Yes. You can leave bags with the Tourist Information (located in the same building as the Ticket Office) for the duration of your tour. Note that we assume no liability for your luggage.

Long: 62.102276176
Lat: 7.2044563293
Location: Geiranger Center

There is parking along the main road in Geiranger, at the ferry terminal and by the supermarket Joker. There are not many places, so in the middle of summer you may want to park your car a little outside of the village center. During high season please make sure you have enough time to park the car before a tour since the car parks can be busy.

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FAQ - General - Boat Sightseeing - Kayak - RIB Safari - Helicopter Tours - Bus Tours - Electric Bike Rental - Car Rental


Boat Sightseeing

We are a locally owned and run company with lots of experience – over 4 million passengers since 1970. We offer a fjordsightseeing cruise that takes you the entire length of the Geirangerfjord - part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The 90-minute tour will let you experience the whole 16 km long fjord since it takes you all the way out to the inlet. The 60-minute tour is designed to take you to the main sights and waterfalls, such as the Seven Sisters waterfall – giving you more time to spend in the village or up in the mountains!

Tickets are available online or in the Ticket Office in Geiranger.

The boats depart from right behind the Ticket Office in the center of Geiranger (pier 1 and pier 2)

The audio guide is available in Norwegian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish and Portuguese.

You can enjoy the cruise both outside on deck and inside through panorama windows. Toilets are located under deck. Learn interesting facts about the fjord, life in Geiranger and Norway in general with the audio guide you find on board. From June to August it is possible to purchase snacks and hot and cold drinks. Why not trying one of our delicious waffles – made norwegian way with rømme (sour cream) and strawberry jam!

The Fjordsightseeing tours run in all weather conditions. The diverse weather is what gives the region its unique character and visitors should always be prepared for some rainfall during their stay. We recommend bringing sensible clothing for cool and wet weather so as to get the most from your visit.

During the tour it is possible to enjoy the sights both outside on deck or inside through panorama windows. We recommend that you dress for the conditions and bear in mind that there will be some windchill factor as you are travelling on a boat.

Yes. But please be aware that access changes slightly depending on tide conditions. Guests board the boat via a ramp, which can sometimes be a little steep if the water level is high. There are a few steps in the indoor area. We will do our best to assist you!

Yes, dogs are allowed on the boat free of charge. We have to ask you to stay on the viewing deck or at the front or back of the boat during the trip. We like to keep the indoor area animal-free for guests with allergies.

No. You can choose your seat after getting on board.

Yes. With the sightseeing cruises you come closer to the waterfalls and beautiful surroundings. An audio guide is provided to all passengers, giving you interesting facts about the fjord, norwegian culture and history. It is a different experience compared to seeing the fjord from a cruise ship.

The ferry is a car ferry mainly for transporting passengers from Geiranger to Hellesylt or the other way. It takes 1 hour one way. To make a round trip it takes in total 2,5 hours including half an hour waiting in Hellesylt for the ferry back to Geiranger. If you plan to continue your journey from Hellesylt, the ferry is a good option. If you are looking for a roundtrip we recommend the Fjordsightseeing since it is less time consuming, takes you closer to the waterfalls, has a more extensive audio guide and costs less.

Definitely! There are plenty of great photo opportunities along the Geirangerfjord.

To get to the start of the hike to Skageflå farm a drop off service from the sightseeing boat is available. The boat will take the sightseeing tour and does the drop off at Skagehola on the way back. From there it takes about 45 minutes up to the farm Skageflå and about 4 hours to walk back to Geiranger. If you wish to get picked up again from Skagehola no prebooking is necessary, just go back to the dock. Please review the time table for drop off and pick up on our webpage.

Note: The pickup service is included in the ticket for the sightseeing boat. To use only the pickup by boat costs 100,- NOK. You can pay on board or in advance in the Ticket Office in Geiranger.

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Kayak tours

We offer kayak tours for beginners and more experienced paddlers (“Discover Kayaking” and “Seven Sisters” Tour). It is as well possible to combine kayaking with hiking and to visit the fjordfarm Skageflå with the option to hike all the way back to Geiranger ("Farm Tour“ and "Paddle 'N' Hike“). The tours range from 2-6 hours. Please review the webpage for more information.

Yes. Our Kayak Center is open every day. There are single and double kayaks to rent.

For renting a kayak you can pay in the Kayak Center in Homlong or in the Ticket Office in Geiranger. For the tours we recommend to book online, especially in the main season between June and August. You can pay as well at the Kayak Center or at the Ticket Office in Geiranger but places are limited.

The Kayak Center is situated in Homlong, 2 kilometers outside of the village of Geiranger. It is a short drive by car or a 25-minute walk along a gravel road by the fjord. There are bikes available at the Ticket Office for transport to the Kayak Center (free of charge). Let us know in advance if you are interested in getting to Homlong by bike!

You don’t need any previous experience to join a kayak tour. The guide will give you all necessary information. For beginners we recommend the 2 hours tour “Discover Kayaking”. To rent a kayak some experience is required. You should feel confident to paddle on your own without any instruction.

Yes. A certain level of physical fitness and core strength is essential to enjoy the tour. On our shortest trip you would need to be capable of 2 hours of moderate exercise. In case of any health problems, please contact us in advance so that we can find the best tour for you.

Yes. For groups over 15 people we offer a 10% discount. The reservation must be made well in advance before departure to ensure availability. For further information please contact our booking service at

Yes. You do not need to be a good swimmer to take the kayak tour, but you should be comfortable in and around water and able to swim in case that is necessary. We will provide you with a lifejacket.

We allow children to go with a kayak that are 8 years or older. For some tours the minimum age is 10 years. Children must be accompanied by an adult in a double kayak.

Our groups consist of 10 guests and one guide. We offer private tours as well. Please contact us for more information.

The kayaks are very stable and the likelihood of a capsize or flip is minimal. If your kayak flips all of our guides are well trained in rescue procedures to quickly and efficiently get you back in the boat. Before the start of the trip we go over paddling technique and safety procedures, which includes what to do in the event of a capsize. Always listen to the guide for instructions and directions - this will ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

You are welcome to meet up 15 minutes before the tour starts.

We recommend water- and windproof clothing and waterproof but comfortable shoes. Bring changing clothes as well. We provide all the necessary equipment such as life jacket and sprayskirt.

A kayak trip us enjoyable in all weathers, including rain. Make sure to bring appropriate clothing! If the weather is extreme, for example strong winds, the tour will be cancelled. If so, we will contact you as soon as possible and offer another date for the tour.

Yes. But please note that there is no running water so make sure to fill your water bottle beforehand.

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FAQ - General - Boat Sightseeing - Kayak - RIB Safari - Helicopter Tours - Bus Tours - Electric Bike Rental - Car Rental

RIB Safari

The Fjordsafari is a tour on a Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat (RIB) with 12 seats. RIB speedboats are made of a hard fiberglass hull surrounded by inflated pontoons for extra stability. The driver works as well as your guide during the tour.

At high speed, the vessels travel at 35Knots (approximately 65 km/h). During the tour the driver chooses a speed all guests feel comfortable with. There are a couple of stops close to the waterfalls where you can enjoy the scenery and take pictures of the magnificent landscape around you.

The Fjordsafari gets you up close and personal with the Geirangerfjord. You will get to see all of the waterfalls, and your guide will tell you fascinating stories about the people who used to live on the fjord farms. This is the boat tour in Geiranger that takes you closest to the Seven Sisters and the Suitor Waterfall. You will stop right next to it which of course gives amazing photo opportunities. And while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the fjord, the fast boat ride itself is a thrilling experience!

The Fjordsafari lasts in total one hour and you will be on the water for 45 minutes.

The guide will meet you outside the Ticket Office in Geiranger 5 minutes before departure. You will be taken to a changing room in a traditional fisherman’s cottage. All necessary gear will be provided, including a wind- and waterproof suit to wear over your normal clothes.

Will I get wet? No. You will be provided a waterproof suit which keeps you warm and protects you from the wind and the spray of the waterfalls. The suits are available in all sizes.

You can dress normally. The suit we provide will keep you warm and dry.

Yes. But there is a minimum height restriction of 120 cm.

There is permission for up to 12 passengers per boat plus the driver. We usually have at least 3 boats running during the high season.

We provide storage of belongings in the changing room. However, hand luggage and small bags can be taken on board.

The tours depart in all weathers. We can only cancel or change the departure time in case there is poor visibility on the fjord, due to fog and mist.

Yes. Please contact us in advance so we can schedule more time for getting dressed and for the way from the boat house to the boat.

Yes. In case of rain we recommend to bring the camera in a waterproof bag.

No. Toilets are located outside of the tourist information building.

Yes. It is free for all to choose where to sit when boarding.

Travelling on a RIB in general doesn’t give the same motion sickness that causes people to feel unwell.

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Helicopter tours

You can book your flight on our website or buy the ticket in the Ticket Office in the center of Geiranger.

Unfortunately not. Please review our website for what days helicopter flights are available.

We have two helicopters. One has capacity for seven, the other one for four passengers. If you book for more than 4 people the group might be divided and the flights start at different times.

There are two different tours. The 20-minute tour takes you above and along the Geirangerfjord, across the glaciers, finishing by flying over Mount Dalsnibba viewpoint. The second tour lasts for an hour. The helicopter flies above and along the Geirangerfjord to Hellesylt, following the Hornindal valley to Hornindalsvatnet (with 514 meters the deepest lake in Europe). From here you continue to the eastern parts of the Nordfjord and Oldedalen valley, surrounded by the majestic Jostedal glacier, Briksdal, Brenndal and Myklebust glaciers. From here it goes over the Loendalen and Stryndalen valleys, passing a mountain chain on the way to Mount Dalsnibba and back to Geiranger.

The schedule can vary. The day before the flight the Ticket Office will contact you with all necessary information. They will inform you if the minimum number of passengers is reached and if so, when your flight is scheduled to depart. Please write down your phone number and e-mail address when booking your flight, so we can contact you.

We fly when it is safe and enjoyable. The pilot will retrieve an aviation weather report for each flight day and based on that he decides if he will be able to provide a good quality tour. If that is not the case the tour will be cancelled.

We need a minimum amount of passengers for the helicopter tour. If that amount cannot be reached the flight has to be canceled. We will contact you the day before and inform you about the flight status and the departure time. Changes can happen as well very short term, for example due to bad weather. Please write down a phone number and e-mail address when booking the tour with the helicopter.

If the flight gets cancelled you will get a full refund for your booking. With online bookings the money will be transferred within a couple of days back to the same credit card you used when purchasing the tickets.

We allow children in our helicopter tours, but they have to be able to sit by themselves. We recommend a minimum age of 3 years.

All passengers get a headset with a microphone. This not only dampens the noise but also makes it possible to communicate with the other passengers and the pilot.

There are two different starting points. Please visit or contact the Ticket Office in the morning of your flight for more information about the meeting point.

Most people enjoy our tours without discomfort. Some guests are more prone to motion sickness. If this applies to you, we recommend talking to the pilot before the flight.

Cameras are permitted on board and recommended. Our tours offer some of the most unique photo-taking opportunities over the Geirangerfjord.

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Bus tours

Tickets can be purchased online or at the Ticket Office in the center of Geiranger. There is no ticket sale on the bus. We recommend to book online as the tours are often sold out. The pdf document you get with the confirmation e-mail after booking is your ticket. With the ticket you can go directly to the bus.

We offer different bus tours and the bus stops are located in different places. The Panorama Bus and Panorama Exclusive Bus start by the main road right outside of the Ticket Office in Geiranger. The Dalsnibba Mountain Highlight Bus departs from the public bus station. All bus stops are within a minute walk from the pier.

Yes. All passengers can choose where to sit when entering the bus. There is no seat number connected with the ticket.

We offer bus tours between 1,5 and 3 hours. All tours depart and arrive in the center of Geiranger, only 1 minute walk from the pier.

The bus schedules correspond to the arrival and departure times of the cruise ships visiting Geiranger. Therefore they vary from day to day. Please review our website for departure times and seat availability on the day you are planning to join a tour.

The busses stop at the most scenic viewpoints we have in and around Geiranger, such as Eagle Bend, Flydals Canyon and Mount Dalsnibba. Depending on your tour you have 2 or 3 stops. The busses stop for 10-15 minutes, giving you the opportunity to get off, look around, enjoy the scenery and take pictures. Be sure to be back on the bus on time to not risk to be left behind!

Yes. In the Panorama Exclusive Bus the driver provides you with interesting facts in English. The Panorama Bus offers an audio guide in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and the Dalsnibba Mountain Highlight Bus in English.

No. Toilets you find in the center of Geiranger, at the viewpoint Flydals Canyon and on Mount Dalsnibba.

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Elecrtic Bike Rental

An e-bike is a bicycle with pedal assistance, which is activated by a battery and only works when the cyclist is pedaling. Riding the e-bike without pedaling is not possible. The assistance allows you to be faster than on a normal bike, and it makes going uphill much easier.

Geiranger is surrounded by mountains. Riding a normal bike in that kind of area is not something for everybody. The e-bike allows you to go uphill more easily but still to have some moderate exercise. Apart from that you experience the surroundings more intensely than from a car or a bus. You can stop any time to enjoy and to take pictures. The famous panoramic viewpoints “Eagle Bend” and “Flydals Canyon” are only a 30 minutes ride away.

Yes. An e-bike works as a normal bike, apart from the pedal assistance. The roads in and around Geiranger are steep and twisty and there can be a lot of traffic in the high season. Therefore we advise against renting an e-bike, if you are not used to bicycling in general. How about a bus tour to our scenic viewpoints instead?.

You find our e-bike rental in the center of Geiranger in the tourist information building. Just go straight to the ticket counter, where you get the e-bikes and protective equipment.

Tickets can be purchased online via our website and in the tourist information building at the ticket counter in the center of Geiranger.

Usually we have enough e-bikes available. In the high season between June and August it can happen that all the bikes are rented out. If you want to make sure to get one, we advise you to make an online booking.

If you have booked online, the e-bikes will be ready for you on the chosen date in the building of the tourist information office in the center of Geiranger. Just tell your name and the reservation number at the ticket counter and you will get the e-bike, a helmet and a reflective vest as well as a little introduction in riding an e-bike. Please let us know with your online reservation at what time you are going to pick up the bikes.

The e-bikes have a gear change and two breaks – same as normal bikes. There is a display on the handlebar where the battery can be switched on and off. You can choose how much help you want to get: “Turbo” provides maximum support, “Eco”-mode protects the battery. In total there are 5 modes, which can be comfortably changed while driving. Furthermore the display provides information about the current speed, the maximum speed and the covered distance.

Yes, no worries. The staff from the ticket counter will explain you how everything works. The e-bikes are very user-friendly and easy to ride.

We rent out mountain bikes in different sizes, as well as standard sized city bikes. Our staff at the ticket counter will help you to find a suitable bike and to adjust the saddle if necessary.

No. We only rent out e-bikes.

Yes. Although wearing a helmet is not mandatory in Norway we rent out the e-bikes only with helmet and reflective vest. The roads in and around Geiranger are steep and twisty with a lot of traffic during the high season. For your own safety we recommend strongly to wear the provided protective equipment.

A minimum of physical fitness is required. Although there is the pedal assistance, you have to make some effort to conquer the altitude difference. But the e-bikes allow you to do it with a smile in your face.

All roads in and around Geiranger are in great condition. But no matter which way you choose: it always goes uphill! You follow the main road, which is characterized by hairpin curves – be aware of that when speeding up on the way down. There are no cycle tracks, so you have to share the road with cars, busses and camper vans.

From the center in Geiranger there is the option to follow the main road to the left or to the right. In both directions you reach after about 5 kilometers and half an hour cycling one of the famous viewpoints – “Eagle Bend” or “Flydals Canyon”. Close to “Flydals Canyon” there is a farm where you can take a little break and a coffee. Cyclists with good physical condition and enough time can go all the way up to Mount Dalsnibba, which is 21 kilometers away. As there is a difference in altitude of about 1500 meters we recommend booking a second battery for going up to the mountain top.

We rent out the e-bikes up to two hours and up to four hours. With the two hour option you have enough time to cycle up to the viewpoint “Eagle Bend” and/or to the viewpoint “Flydals Canyon” and back. If you want to take a longer break in between or to drive up all the way to Mount Dalsnibba we recommend renting the bikes for four hours instead.

The battery life depends on different factors. Most important is the chosen battery mode (“Turbo” = highest energy consumption, “Eco” = lowest energy consumption). Furthermore there is an influence of the grade of the road, the weight of the cyclist and the weather conditions (f. ex. contrary wind). If you rent a bike for two hours, one battery will be enough. If you plan a longer tour, f. ex. to Mount Dalsnibba, we recommend booking a second battery.

No. A spare battery you have to book extra. If you reserved the e-bikes online please write a comment or an e-mail regarding the second battery. The payment will be taken when picking up the e-bikes in Geiranger. Without reservation we cannot guarantee to be able to provide a second battery.

No, we do not offer e-bikes for children. There is a minimum age of 15 years.

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Car Rental

Rental cars of the company Hertz you can pick up at the ticket counter in the building of the Tourist Information in the center of Geiranger. The cars are parked approximately 50 meters away in the parking lot close to the ferry terminal. There are no other car rental stations in Geiranger.

No. The rental car has to be returned to Geiranger.

We rent out 5 seaters with automatic transmission mainly of the type Toyota Auris.

We strongly recommend to book in advance. Especially during the high season from June to August and on days with cruise ships coming to Geiranger all rental cars are usually reserved.

Go directly to the website of Hertz: There are two language options – Norwegian and English. Type in the required information to the booking mask, such as the credit card information. The tenant of the car has to be the driver and the owner of the credit card. Prices are indicated in Norwegian Kroner (NOK).

Please go to the ticket counter in Geiranger in the Tourist Information building. Here you will be given the car keys after fixing the formalities.

You have to present a valid driver´s license and the credit card you made the reservation with. Tenant, credit card owner and driver of the car have to be the same person.

Yes. The main driver is the credit card owner on which name the rental car was reserved. When picking up the car you can specify a second driver for an extra charge. The second driver has to present a valid driver´s license as well.

The driver´s license of the tenant and the optionally booked second driver has to be valid for at least one year. Drivers under 25 years of age have to pay an additional fee. The price is calculated in the online booking corresponding the specified age

The credit card will be charged as soon as you have picked up the rental car in Geiranger. The amount depends on the specified price in the online booking plus optionally booked additional services (f.ex. supplementary insurance, child seat, second driver). An additional amount will be blocked on the credit card. It will be only debited f.ex. in case the tenant does not refuel the car or does not pay for toll fees. If the car is refueled and everything else is fine after returning the car, the blocked amount will be released.

Yes. The car will be ready for you at the pick-up time with a full tank and you should refuel it before returning it. Otherwise you will be charged a fee. The petrol station in Geiranger is located on the main road in the center, only a few meters away from the parking lot at the ferry terminal and the Tourist Information building.

Please park the rental car at the same place where you picked it up – in the parking lot at the ferry terminal in the center of Geiranger.

Included by default are Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) to reduce the liability in case of a damage and Theft Protection (TP). Additional protection can be purchased when picking up the car in Geiranger, such as the “Super CDW and Super TP Package” and a Personal Accident Insurance (PAI).

Child seats have to be booked extra in advance when reserving the car via the Hertz website.

Yes. The car rental takes place at the ticket counter in the Tourist Information building in Geiranger. To pick up and return a rental car is only possible within the opening hours: May/September: 10.00 am to 03:00 pm, June-August: 8:30 am to 17:30 pm.

No. But even without a GPS it is easy to find your way around the region. There are maps at the Tourist Information and the staff can give you tips and hints for a nice route.

No. We are not entitled to confirm the condition of the car. If you wish to have a proof we recommend taking pictures of the vehicle.

Please fill out the accident report und contact Hertz to report the damage immediately. The accident report and all necessary telephone- and emergency numbers you find in the documents of the car in the glove box.

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