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Are you looking for a private guided tour to discover the area around Geiranger? Then join one of our tours in a comfortable limousine for up to seven persons. The local driver is moreover an excellent guide.

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Sightseeing Tour Dalsnibba/Skywalk (No. 1)

Visit the 3 famous viewpoints Dalsnibba/Skywalk, Flydalsjuvet and Eagle Bend and the lake Djupvatnet luxuriously with a limousine! Your local driver provides you with interesting and worth knowing information about life at the Geirangerfjord during t...

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UNESCO world heritage tour - the real fjordnorway (No. 2)

Experience the beauty of Fjordnorway in a comfortable limousine and visit numerous unique places: the lake Eidsvatnet, the souvenirshop in Eidsdal from 1885, the summer farm Rellingsetra, the waterfall Dyrdal, the church in Norddal from 1782 and the...

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Highlights of Geiranger and Eidsdal (NO. 3)

Discover luxuriously in a limousine the area around Geiranger and Eidsdal! First stop is at the valley Opplenskedal, where you can enjoy the great landscape away from the hustle and bustle of Geiranger. The tour goes on by driving past Knuten ("The K...

Overland tour: Old Stryn Road and Dalsnibba/Skywalk (No. 4)

Join us on a trip to the past by a ride in a limousine along the Old Stryn Road. This mountain pass road was once build with hands and is only passable during the summer months. Your local driver and guide drives you as well comfortably 1500 meters u...